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Nutrition Counselling Oxford County

Box of veggiesIn addition to exercise and chiropractic care, sound nutrition is essential when it comes to experiencing optimal health. While eating fruits, vegetables and lean sources of protein is always a good habit to incorporate into your healthy living repertoire, it’s also important to discuss what not to eat.

Dr. Leanne will discuss the inflammatory effects that certain foods have on a patient’s condition. Lowering the number of inflammatory parts of their diet is a focus, namely starches and sugars. “The more people can get a handle on nutrition the better they will feel overall,” she says.

Optimal Fuel to Maximize Performance

If you’d like to feel better and function at your peak, it’s essential to incorporate quality carbs, proteins and fats into your diet. Dr. Leanne will talk about general principles of healthy eating and discuss the benefits of Paleo and ketogenic diets.

We also carry a protein powder and vitamin D at the practice.


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