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About Us

Helping people understand the big picture of their health.

Sunstone Clinic exteriorDiscover better health naturally at our warm and friendly chiropractic care centre. You may wonder how we got our practice’s name. Dr. Leanne Burgin-Ball brainstormed name ideas with her family and Sunstone Clinic was the winner. We think the name is quite fitting as the practice building is located on a family farm next to a beautiful stone farmhouse.

Dr. Leanne has two devoted team members on her staff who work at the front desk—her sister-in-law, Carol Ball, and Kate Lindsay. It’s like one big happy family, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

Our Practice Philosophy

God made us all different and in His image which makes us amazing, to begin with! Adding to that, we have unique experiences and trauma that can affect our health. Through chiropractic care and a customized plan of management, we want to help everyone who wants to be helped and promote a better quality of life and health.

Providing Chiropractic Plus

In addition to offering tailored chiropractic care to meet each patient’s unique needs, we also offer nutrition counseling and cold laser therapy.

Nutrition counseling

So many diets today are filled with inflammation-promoting foods which are hazardous to one’s health. Dr. Leanne talks to patients about better foods choices that promote optimal health.

Cold laser therapy

Helpful for an array of injuries and conditions, cold laser therapy can help to speed healing, reduce pain and improve function.

Your Partner in Lifelong Health

For Dr. Leanne, the most fulfilling aspect of her job is caring for people over the long term. She particularly enjoys seeing them become more active and inspired to be healthier by embracing health-promoting lifestyle habits.

Contact our Oxford County chiropractic care centre to book an appointment. We feature Saturday hours for your convenience!

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